Huon Barn House 2018

Our brief was to create a robust home for a growing family using simple forms and rustic materials with an emphasis on buildability.

The simple detailing and forms expand on the unpretentious farmhouse vernacular and adapt the arrangement to create a series of flexible spaces for living. The application of this uncomplicated construction typology was a two-fold approach, driven initially to engage with the context in which it sits but also facilitating a pragmatic cost-effective solution to allow the carpenter/joiner client to take ownership of much of the fabrication himself.

Open, spacious and lineally uncluttered, this low cost, energy efficient home maximises visual connection with the landscape, yet provides ample protection from the elements.

The building runs east–west, to maximise passive solar performance, and combat the challenges surrounding a site where the predominant views are to the south!

As the surrounding landscaping, decks and planting progress over the coming years, we look forward to seeing this home comfortably settle into its surroundings.

Builder: Mark Nichols