Battery Point 2012

The building incorporates reverse veneer construction, ‘super insulation’, innovative curtain wall window detailing, rainwater harvesting, natural gas hydronic heating, passive ventilation, low energy lighting, use of salvaged materials and FSC certified timbers. Our commission included all in-built cabinetry and the freestanding timber furniture in the new areas.

We are very proud to have this project featured on Grand Designs Australia and greatly appreciated the monumental efforts of Jackman Builders in its construction.

The second project we have done for our most fearless client, this building demonstrates that a concrete, glass and timber structure can be built sustainably resulting in a 7 plus star rated building. Built in the sensitive heritage area of Battery Point, this addition to a 1890s weatherboard cottage is designed to be zoned into separate areas allowing maximum flexibility of use. The compartmented design allows only the areas of the building which are in use to be heated and illuminated.